Project Overview

The purpose of this project was to work with an existing project and expand it via a mobile app. I decided to expand my packaging project and design an app for the hypothetical brewery, " Healthy Hops".

UI Design

Programs used:


‍Lo Fidelity Wireframes
Hi Fidelity Wireframes

UI/UX System

After my initial secondary and primary research, I designed a system that would benefit the microbrewery cliental.

Due to certain COVID-19 restrictions I added some features to the app that would allow the brewery to continue to provide services to their customers via; ordering services, rewards, and beer information.

Ordering In Service

Now seen in many services, but during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses where playing catch up trying to keep serving their customers.

Rewards Page

As most microbreweries are locally owned and community based. Rewarding their customers is a great way to show their support to their loyal customers.

Flavor Reviews

Customers will be able to know their beer options better by either reading other customer’s reviews or by reading more about the beer uniqueness, and seeing the info graph that hints a more information about the beers taste, flavor, and color. 

What makes craft beer so unique?

Healthy Hops is about having the best ingredients possible. I took that heathy lifestyle and designed some products that represents that balance.

When designing the packaging design.
I wanted to keep the design simple and clear. The consumers I am trying to target are more sophisticated for that reason I decided to keep my design simple but intriguing.

The Process

I had to do both primary and secondary research to dive deeper into the experience of a microbrewery. I had to research trends and what can be improved.

Learning Outcome

I learned how to do extensive research beyond my comfort zone, like actually going to breweries and asking people if they'ed participate in my survey,