My Passion for HEALTH products Intersects with my interest in UI/UX Designs.
Healthy Hops Brewery. UI
Brand Identity that is
meant to reward and lift
the experience of
this microbrewery.
Subkin. UI
A future casting of what a Continues Glucose Monitor System (CGMs) might look in the future.
CraftX. Branding Identity
A macro and micro brand identity for the organization Craft In America.
SCIX. Brand Identity
A brand identity that is meant to capture the idea of young science seekers.
Piece of Mind. Packaging Design
With a growing number of CDB and THC products in the dispensaries. I decided to design a packaging that was minimalistic but still delivered the same impact as a hypnotic design.
Healthy Hops.Packaging Design
Stick Figure.Posters
Scenes of LA.Editorial
We Rise Film.Poster
Power To The People.Editorial