Project Overview

This was a project for one of my first type class. I had to use and demonstrate my knowledge of general rules for type, those that include: grid systems, hierarchy, balance, and use of space among other systems.

Poster Design

Programs used:


Layout Design
Grid System
Color Theory

Design Aesthetic

Since the artist that I'm designing the poster for has an influence from reggae music, I decided to embed some hints of reggae culture, but also keeping it very modern considering the artist is based from California. Being that this was a type class, I wanted the type to be primary and the color to be secondary read to the viewer.

The Process

Before getting to this point we had to start with the basics of typography, that being working with certain limits to really understand the functionality of different design principles and learn how to apply them.

Learning Outcome

I learned many creative avenues with our weekly exercises. Especially having different design challenges each week.


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